IP Development

We are currently in the middle of an IP arms race. Don't let your organization be left in the dust!

In the modern-day discourse, intellectual property (IP) is worth its weight in gold. Studies have shown time and time again your audience is more likely to connect with diverse stories that speak to them on a personal level, and will go out of their way to purchase merchandize that reminds them of said stories. The easiest and most effective way to spark this connection is through the use of IP; whether you simply wish to create a fun character for your TikTok, Shorts, or Reels account or want to go deeper with a developed world filled with a cast of cooky characters, BDP XD is here to help! 

"But what would I do with such things? What benefit does it have for my organization?" 

The employees of BDP XD have spent years creating original characters for live events, fictional stories, and virtual experiences. Let us help you create the next big iconic brand! 

Here are just a few examples of IPs and characters our CEO has created in the past-