Meet the Owner

Austin C. Baker- Owner and Lead Designer of BDP XD 

Born and raised in Plymouth, Indiana, Austin C. Baker has always shown a passion for creative storytelling and all things experiential. From the early days of making stop-motion short films with his toys and a disposable camera to the High School years of Youtube videos in the backyard with his little brother and all the way to his current job as a ghostwriter, Austin understands the stories that speak to people on a deeper, emotional level. In college Austin attended the University of Indianapolis, where he really let his design instincts run wild while earning a BA in Experience Design; afterwards he decided that knowing how to design the front-end of immersive experiences wasn't enough and returned to get his MS in Strategic Leadership & Design (a degree that deals with the employee and overall organizational experience). For the last 6 years Austin has held dual roles as a fiction genre ghostwriter and an Associate Adjunct of Experience Design at the University of Indianapolis, where he has had the pleasure of perfecting his storytelling craft while simultaneously bringing his passion for all things Experience Design to a new generation of young designers through the many unique classes he's taught. In the last ten years Austin has been the co-creator of dozens of immersive, experiential events around the Indianapolis area as well as authored several books and articles that have reached audiences by the thousands. After finding out his position as an Adjunct was being phased out effective Summer 2024, Austin decided to dive head-first into the creation of his own personal XD company, and BDP XD was born!