Our Design Philosophy

At Baker's Dozen Productions, we believe that anything of value must start with a story. 

The very first question that our designers ask when they begin a project is quite simple- "What is the story being told here?" Your story can be as simple as "our brand will change your life, here's how" to something as grandiose as War and Peace; it is up to us (in conjunction with you) to tease out your story and deliver it to your target audience using the appropriate delivery methods. 

The 10 Secrets of Experience Design- Our Guiding Principles 

Back in 2018, owner and lead designer Austin Baker designed a presentation for Meeting Professionals International's World Education Conference along with a group of his peers. The three-day workshop was designed to help meeting professionals create more immersive, experiential events through the use of hands-on activities and industry theories developed and amalgamated by the design team. During the development of said workshop, however, the design team came up with a model that they felt was revolutionary to the world of Experience Design; dubbed the "10 Secrets of Experience Design," it was determined that all top-level experience are- 

In the years since this theory was developed, Austin has taken it to heart and incorporated it into every single experience he has created. This philosophy carries over to Baker's Dozen Productions, and we assure you that any experience that we help you create will feature all ten of the above components front and center!