Experience Analysis (EXA)

Perhaps you are already are in the business of designing and delivering experiences, but feel like your product has gone stale? We can help! 

Bakers Dozen Productions offers scalable packages that will help you revitalize, reboot, or refresh any experience your organization offers in regards to either guests or employees. Generally, all packages regardless of scale involve a BDP XD employee coming out and doing an in-person, real-time analysis of your experience to better understand how it functions. They will then create a customer journey map detailing their experience (or multiple maps, depending on the package) that will be sent to your organization for use in further analysis, implementation, or however you see fit to use it. All EXA components are customizable and can be packaged together in any combination you choose. 

B2C Experience Analysis 

The most basic and straightforward of our EXA services. We send out a representative to your organization to observe and participate in your day-to-day operations from the viewpoint of a guest. With this package, employees and other organizational stakeholders will be made aware of BDP XD employee's presence and may plan accordingly. Includes an Experience Map using representative as a persona, as well as a brief executive summary of their findings (what worked well, what needs work, pain points, logistical analysis, etc).  

Employee Experience Analysis 

It is a simple fact that you can never have a high-quality guest experience if the employee experience isn't as equally high-quality.  With this EXA service, we will send out an employee to observe the employee experience at your organization during day-to-day operations. Includes snippets of interviews with individual employees (volunteer basis, completely anonymous), an experience map amalgamating said employees into a single persona, and a brief executive summary of BDP XD's findings. 

Full-Service Visitor Studies and Engagement Analysis 

Sometimes, to get to the bottom of things, you have to dig deep. With this EXA service, we will conduct visitor studies with the guests and customers who interact with your organization. The full-service visitor studies analysis includes anonymous interviews and the development of surveys that will go out to actual guests across a variety of demographics that will be used to create a series of experience maps detailing said demographic's responses to your brand, products, and experiences. This service also includes a longer, more detailed executive summary of our findings in addition to Spatial Maps highlighting where visitors are spending the most time in your experience and how they tend to move through it. 

"Secret Customer" Analysis 

Essentially the B2C Experience Analysis, but even simpler. In this version the BDP XD employee will act as a "secret customer" that will show up unannounced and incognito to your experience and get to observe interactions completely anonymously (as a true customer or guest would). Includes an Experience Map using representative as a persona, as well as a brief executive summary of their findings (what worked well, what needs work, pain points, logistical analysis, etc).  

Experience Enhancer Recommendations 

This is an add-on EXA service that can be beneficial to any chosen package. While the above services will give you an in-depth analysis of your experiential components, they are designed to be mostly objective and impartial. With the Experience Enhancer Recommendation, the BDP XD representative who conducts the analysis will also create a short document offering recommendations on what they believe needs to be enhanced/built upon, what they believe should be tempered or removed altogether, things that might need to be added, or demographics that might need more scrutinizing or targeting.